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From seeds to lotion, jam, blankets and more, The FlipSide Market has something for everyone.  All products are grown, made or resold by community gardeners, farmers, and artisans who want to make their goods available directly to you.  There are great deals to be had that will give you the peace of mind that your purchases are helping small businesses grow. 

Quantities are limited so dive in, take a look around and get'em while they are hot!

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The great exchange

One of the best and most rewarding things about growing your own plants and produce in additions be being self-reliant is the ability to give away gardening boons to family, friends and even to total strangers.  One of the missions of The Flipside Marketplace is to make it easier for people to share the blessing of their overstock for others to receive.

In this section you will find seeds, cuttings and other plant types that have been graciously donated to be shared with you by our fellow gardening community members.  Select an old favorite or try something new.   Just cover shipping and handling to receive a sample package for you to try out.  

Quantities are limited so act fast!*  You don’t want to miss out.

*One packet/package per order


Vendor of the month

Robert Palmer

Most of you may know him from as Turf Therapy or “Turf” from YouTube, but he is also an Active-Duty Serviceman of 15 years. Before learning to love lawn care and gardening, Robert found himself dealing with overwhelming amounts of stress. He started getting involved with lawn/garden care, and the more time he spent on his “Turf”, the more he came to realize that it was dulling out the stressful noise that once overshadowed him. After he had this revelation, he decided to create a channel where he could share his experience of lawn and gardening being a powerful therapeutic tool in coping with stress. 

Robert plans to offer the same theme and resounding message in his store front here on The FlipSide Market Place. His catalog will be of seeds he collects from his garden himself and seeds he finds amongst his travels across the world fulfilling his Military Service!


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