Here are links to a few of our favorite resources that will help take your gardening up another level. 
Some of the links will take you to different websites, so don’t forget to come on back now, ya hear? 

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Garden Resources

Old Farmer's Almanac

The hands down best all around gardening resource is the Old Farmer's Almanac. This site as answers to most gardening questions, from when to plant to how to treat problems. Check it out.


Sunlight is critical to a productive garden, so placement is everything. uses an algorithm to tell you the travel of the sun based upon the location you enter. Simply enter either an address and date. The application will give you a visual representation of the sun's path for that time and place. Use this information to determine the best place to put your garden.
BTW, they also have a phone app.

Garden Resources
Garden Resources

Garden Design

Most backyard gardeners not only do we want to grow food to feed our families, we want the garden to be beautiful and inviting like the rest of our home. Gardenia Creative Gardens provides inspiration for garden design layouts. Learn about climate zones, what plants grow best together in your area and how to design a show stopping yet functional home garden.

Plants Per Person

Not sure how many seeds you need to start to feed a family of four? This post from Garden Betty is an excellent resource. While it's always better to plant too many than not enough, it's also good not to waste your seeds if you don't have to.

Garden Resources
Garden Resources

Know Your Frost Dates

Knowing your Grow Zone's average low temperatures is only one part of understanding climate when it comes to gardening. Another very important part is knowing how long your growing season is. You can determine that information by knowing your average first and last frost dates for your area. Dave's Garden makes it easy to find out these dates plus a whole lot more. From guides to peer-reviewed nurseries, this one is a keeper for your resource library.

Soil Temperature Map

Do you prefer to direct sow? GreenCast® has a handy tool that shows you the soil temperature of your location so you can drop those seeds at the right time for maximum germination in your outdoor garden.

Garden Resources
Garden Resources

Find Your Local Extension Office

It's as simple as entering your zip code and hitting the submit button on the Garden Know How website. They also have tons of gardening tips and tricks for you to try too.

Home Canning

What to do with all the food you grow in your garden. How about giving canning a try. Mother Earth News is an excellent resource for learning the basics of canning food safely.

Garden Resources
Garden Resources


Don't know what to do with all that extra produce from your garden? Why not make wine? Winemaking is a fun hobby that beautifully complements gardening. E.C. Kraus is a wonderful resource for homebrewers. Whether a beginner or seasoned, there is a plethora of information on the art of making wine and other brews at home here.

Beekeeper's Association

Honeybees are such an important element to our food supply, but are dwindling in an alarming rate. Are you interested in learning how to save the world's best known pollinators while getting pure honey as a reward? This link will take you to The American Beekeeping Federation where you can find your local Beekeeping Association to help get you started.

Garden Resources

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